Peanut Butter Duets® and Chocolate Covered Pillows

Peanut Butter Duets® and Chocolate Covered Pillows


Think of all the candy products on the market that combine more than one flavor to provide an even more satisfying flavor experience. Duets from Katharine Beecher Candies are a classic example of how one great taste emboldens the other. Duets feature a crunchy peanut butter filling enveloped by a crispy golden candy pillow. Or have it covered in our sweet, milk chocolate! Some refer to them as “Golden Crumbles.”

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A Candy Classic You Probably Enjoyed When You Were a Kid

If you’re like many people, some of your fondest childhood memories probably revolve around visits to grandparents’ house — in part because you knew she would always have plenty of sweet treats on hand. Duets are one of those memorable candies that have been a favorite for generations.

There’s something about the way that the candy shell combines with the peanut butter crunch as it melts inside your mouth that creates an extraordinary flavor experience. While other candy fads come and go, Duets remain a timeless candy classic.

Expertly Crafted Candies Featuring the Best Ingredients

Only the finest ingredients are used to create these mouth-watering candy treats. Duets are made from fresh peanuts with just a hint of molasses for a little extra sweetness. We also implement stringent quality control standards to ensure a consistently delicious candy product. You’ll enjoy a mouthful of smooth and crunchy goodness in every Duets bite!

Katharine Beecher Candies: Eight Decades of Candy-Making Excellence

The Katharine Beecher brand has been synonymous with confectionery excellence since 1931. That’s when Katharine Beecher, a housewife in the small town of Manchester, PA, began handcrafting her sweet, creamy Butter Mints in the kitchen of her home.

This eventually led to her opening a full-fledged candy factory in Manchester. Now part of the Warrell Corporation family of companies, Katharine Beecher Candies continues to produce highly popular candy products, including a wide range of retro products such as Duets that appeal to nostalgic baby boomers.

Why Not Add Duets to Your Candy Inventory?

Candy wholesalers and retailers can benefit from adding Duets to their product mix in the form of increased sales and profits. You’ll also attract baby boomers who are looking to recapture fond childhood memories — and create new memories for their children and grandchildren.